Man returns furniture bought 60 years ago to IKEA

The Swede handed over a bookcase purchased in 1965 in the first IKEA store network in 1965. As part of the #BuyBackFriday campaign (in Russia – #VotEcoFriday), 60-year-old furniture will find a new owner, according to the company’s message to

A man named Bengt handed over the wardrobe in excellent condition despite the long service life. The owner even kept the original handwritten receipt for the furniture set. “In October 1965, my future wife and I visited IKEA in Elmhult in order to find a bookcase that would serve us for many years,” Bengt said.

According to the man, the furniture withstood three moves and was not used only for storing books, but also for dishes, photo albums and even a TV. Bent explained such a long service life of the cabinet by its careful attitude – to keep it in good condition, the Swede greased the doors with oil and wiped dust frequently.

IKEA is running the #BuyBackFriday campaign during the Black Friday sales. The company accepts old furniture and returns to the participants of the promotion up to 60 percent of its value. Further, the goods are either exhibited at a discount in a special department of the store, or they are handed over for processing. In this way, IKEA is trying to fight overconsumption and instill in its customers a sustainable lifestyle.

Some Spanish companies that have organized Green Friday are pursuing a similar goal. As part of the initiative, some firms will close their stores to protect the country's residents from unnecessary purchases and stop the anthropogenic impact on nature. Other manufacturers will pay more to recycle used goods.



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