Leopard confused an elderly woman with a goat and tore her to pieces

A woman went to the forest to graze goats and died in the teeth of a leopard the city of Chkhota Udaipur in the Indian state of Gujarat. The Times of India reports.

A resident of the village of Lagami Kuhiben Dhanak in the evening went to the forest to graze goats. When the elderly woman did not come home to spend the night, the family and other villagers went to look for her in the forest.

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Around midnight, they found Dhanak's body. There were injuries to the woman's forehead, abdomen and left leg. Residents realized that she was torn to pieces by a leopard, and reported the incident to representatives of the Indian Forest Service.

At night, foresters arrived at the scene and took the body of the deceased to a medical center for an autopsy. In the morning they set up two cages in the area to catch the leopard. “There is a possibility that the leopard confused the elderly woman with a goat or other animal and attacked her. We have already installed the cages and launched the procedure for paying compensation to the family of the deceased in accordance with the laws of the country, ”said a representative of the forestry department.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the Indian city of Pune, Maharashtra state, doing morning exercises, was attacked by a leopard … The predator jumped on the man from behind, but his friend managed to drive the animal away and raise the alarm.



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