Latvia urged the EU and NATO to respond to Russia's actions towards Ukraine

Member of the Saeima Kols: Latvia should provide military assistance to Ukraine in relation to Ukraine. The head of the Latvian Seimas Foreign Affairs Commission, Richard Kols, said this in an interview with Neatkariga.

In his opinion, Moscow is involved in the migration and energy crises in Europe, which are a “hybrid attack” and are implemented “with the blessing of Russia, if not on its initiative.” At the same time, the deputy said about fears that the Russian side could again “make a serious mistake” and send troops into the territory of Ukraine.

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Coles called on Latvia and other EU and NATO countries to provide additional support and assistance to the Ukrainian authorities. In particular, he proposed limiting Russia's access to international funding and securing arms supplies to Kiev.

“The Kremlin is experimenting on several 'fronts' to see how far it can go without a painful response. This means that for the West – in this case for us, NATO, the EU – the biggest possible mistake would be not to react at all to Russia's provocations, or to react slowly and gently. We have a number of effective tools at our disposal, “the parliamentarian emphasized.

Earlier, the acting German Chancellor Angela Merkel appealed to the EU countries with a proposal to impose sanctions against Russia for the aggression that it allegedly shows against Ukraine. According to her, a signal for such measures could be the deterioration of the situation in the east of the republic and the aggravation of the migration crisis on the border of Belarus and Poland.



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