Kudryashov first commented on his own goal in the match with Croatia

Footballer Kudryashov on his own goal in the World Cup qualifier against Croatia: it was necessary to concede the ball in the final match of the qualifying tournament of the 2022 World Cup against the team of Croatia. His words are quoted by “Sport-Express”.

The footballer said that a few seconds before the goal he felt a spasm in all muscles. He decided to play out the episode, since the match was not stopped. “As a result, there was a serve, one of ours was fighting. Nobody played the ball. The ball flopped into a puddle, hit my feet and ricocheted into a corner. Perhaps he should have just let the ball go. But at that moment I was thinking about just running, “he said.

Kudryashov added that he felt responsible for the team, despite the pain in his leg. “When the ball was in the net, I fell. It hurt, everything drove. Perhaps, before the goal, it was necessary to fall and ask for help, “he said, adding that the coaches called his actions correct.

Kudryashov's own goal was the only goal scored in the final round of qualification for the 2022 World Cup. The victory allowed the Croatian national team to overtake the Russians and take first place in Group H.

The Russian national team will continue to fight for the right to play at the World Championship in play-offs. The draw will take place on November 26 at 19:00 Moscow time.



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