Internet technologists analyzed the audience of fakes about the coronavirus

Kommersant: the audience of anti-virus content on social networks is more than 34 million accounts online. This is reported by the newspaper “Kommersant”.

Technologists have prepared a report “Anti-waxer content in social networks: threats of the influence of fakes and the position of social networks.” In it, they investigated “anti-Taxerk content”, the key criterion of which was the presence of anti-vaccination propaganda based on pseudo-scientific theories.

Among social networks, the most pages disseminating such information to an audience of more than 200 thousand people were found on VKontakte. : 122 communities with 11 million subscribers. In Odnoklassniki, 18 million accounts are subscribed to 85 popular pages with fakes about the coronavirus. The total audience of publics and opinion leaders on anti-Axist social networks exceeds 34 million accounts, while only 2 million users interacted with them in the last month.

According to experts, marginalized people are becoming the center of protest against vaccination on social networks movement. They also emphasized that networks are not always actively fighting misinformation, as it helps to increase traffic.

In October, The Washington Post reported that Facebook employees are well aware of how misinformation about coronavirus and vaccines distributed through social network applications. However, they refused to disclose much of this information, which led to a standoff with the White House.