In Russia, they wanted to centrally hire “white hackers”

Kommersant: they can make their own platform for Russian white hackers … Kommersant writes about this.

Thus, Rostelecom and Positive Technologies have become interested in similar projects to search for vulnerabilities. It is assumed that the platforms should become an intermediary between companies that want to check the security of their systems, and hackers, who will be rewarded if they are successfully hacked.

Now “white hackers” in most cases look for jobs on the international platform HackerOne … The experts interviewed by the publication expressed doubts about the advisability of creating a similar Russian service. In particular, Mikhail Sergeev, lead engineer at CorpSoft24, pointed out that domestic businesses do not have the necessary budgets, and often large companies that can afford such a service “do not respond to reports of bugs found,” he added.

In August, it was reported that the cryptocurrency platform Poly Network, which lost several hundred million dollars in a hack, decided to reward the hacker. Poly Network thanked the hacker for hacking the system and stealing $ 610 million. She offered him a reward of $ 500,000. The statement did not indicate in what form the money would be paid. It was also not specified whether the hacker accepted the award.