In honor of the 300th anniversary of Yekaterinburg, they organize a round-the-world trip on a yacht

In honor of the 300th anniversary of Yekaterinburg, a group of enthusiasts will travel around the world

ocean yacht. This was reported on the Yekaterinburg.rf portal.

The head of the city, Alexei Orlov, took part in a briefing to discuss the concept of the project, within which several enthusiasts will go on a long voyage. They will move on a ship made at the Uralkhimmash plant from high-strength aviation titanium.

It is noted that it will take at least six months to agree on a multi-day route, to form the final crew and equipment of the ship for a long journey.

According to Orlov, the main goal of traveling around the globe is to popularize Yekaterinburg as a world industrial, cultural, sports and financial center.

Celebration of the 300th anniversary is planned for 2023.

< p> Earlier in November, it was reported that the Klochkov family from Novosibirsk went on a voyage around the world seven years ago. They spent the money saved up for an apartment on a yacht, and then decided to go to sea for an indefinite period. So, travelers passed the ocean pole of inaccessibility – Point Nemo, then Cape Horn – the most dangerous place in the ocean, as well as many other places.



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