In Crimea, the action “Save the forest” has ended

The final event of the “Save the Forest” campaign was held in Crimea

The final event of the “Save the Forest” campaign was held in Crimea. On November 26, more than 70 people, including Deputy Head of the Federal Forestry Agency Alexander Agafonov, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea Yuri Gotsanyuk and Head of ANO “Sad of Memory” Olga Stepchenko, planted over 3,000 ash seedlings in the Simferopol forestry.

“Every year the campaign“ Save the Forest ”attracts more and more enthusiasts. Thanks to the activity of our citizens, this year we managed to set a record – to plant more than 70 million trees! This is almost twice as much as in previous years. By tradition, the action was supported by all regions of Russia. But the action was especially active in the regions affected by forest fires this summer. The first reforestation work began in Yakutia, ”said Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Viktoria Abramchenko, assessing the results of the action. The Deputy Prime Minister noted that 1.3 million people took part in the events throughout the country. “I hope that in 2022, reforestation activities will attract even more people across the country,” Abramchenko said.

all 85 regions of Russia. In total, over four thousand landing points were registered on the interactive map of the project on the site saveimles.rf in 2021.

“2021 has clearly shown that the Save the Forest campaign has enormous potential. Firstly, this year we managed to plant more than 70 million trees – this is the first time we have “taken” such a high bar. And in just 3 years of the action, over 150 million trees have already been planted throughout the country. Secondly, this year 200 thousand more people took part in the action than last year. The number of participants from volunteer organizations and corporate volunteers has grown. All this suggests that interest in the action is growing, its role in reforestation activities is becoming more and more noticeable, in 3 years we have managed to create conditions under which more and more people can contribute to the care of the ecology of Russia, ”said the Deputy Minister natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation Sergey Anoprienko.

This year, special emphasis was placed on regions affected by wildfires in the summer of 2021. The start of the action was given in Yakutia in August. In the same place – just a week later! – the jubilee, millionth seedling was planted. The organizers of the action did not pass by the Chelyabinsk region. There, as part of the “Save the Forest” campaign, the seedlings were planted near the affected villages of Dzhabyk and Zapasnoye, where there used to be a unique pine forest, which also died in a fire this summer. Large-scale events took place in Karelia, where a fire in the summer destroyed 22 thousand hectares of forest: thanks to the efforts of local residents and forestry staff, almost 100,000 seedlings were planted there.

This year, Belgorod Region, Leningrad Region, Tyumen Region, Altai Territory and Nizhny Novgorod Region entered the top 5 regions in terms of the number of planted trees.

In addition, this year, as part of the “Save the Forest” campaign, a new “Tree of Life” initiative was launched: young families with a baby will receive a unique gift – a certificate that makes it possible not only to plant tree, but also name it after your child. Starting next year, tree planting certificates will be handed out to families in registry offices or in maternity hospitals as part of a gift set. In order to take part in the landings, parents will need to register on the official website of the “Save the Forest” campaign (save forest.rf).

The action was supported by Anna Kuznetsova, Vice Speaker of the State Duma, former Commissioner for the Rights of the Russian Federation under the President of the Russian Federation. “This is a wonderful initiative aimed, on the one hand, at creating new family traditions, strengthening the bond between generations, and, on the other, at raising a caring attitude towards nature in children, and adults too,” she said.