In Crimea, former investigator faces trial for bribe of 100 thousand dollars

SK: In Yalta, the investigation into the case of receiving a bribe of 100 thousand dollars to the police has been completed Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Yalta, accused of accepting a bribe of 100 thousand dollars. In addition to the former policeman, an acquaintance of the accused's lawyer and two other defendants are involved in the case. This was reported to “” in the regional department of the TFR in Crimea and Sevastopol.

The story of the bribe was revealed thanks to an audit carried out by the Yalta Ministry of Internal Affairs in connection with a possible illegal registration of land plots. The accused policeman found violations in the registration of plots acquired by a citizen of a neighboring state. He decided to make money on the land story and asked the landlord for a bribe for refusing to initiate a criminal case. Through an acquaintance of a lawyer, he agreed to resolve the issue for 100 thousand dollars.

After the mediator had discussed the issue with the transfer of money, the law enforcement officer did not initiate a criminal case against the woman. Through a lawyer, he sent the owner of the land the originals of documents on the right to own the plots. In turn, the woman transferred the agreed $ 100 thousand to the accused through a lawyer. After that, both were detained by officers of the FSB and the internal security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Crimea.

During the investigation, two more episodes of bribes were revealed. In June 2016 and March 2018, the ex-investigator, through intermediaries, received a bribe totaling $ 4.5 thousand for refusing to initiate criminal proceedings against a resident of Yalta.