IKEA started renting out micro-housing

IKEA Japan rents a small apartment in Tokyo for $ 0.8 a month rental housing, offering residents to rent a small apartment at a super-low rate – for 99 yen (0.8 dollars) per month, reports TASS. The company is holding a Tiny Homes campaign in Japan – its face is the shark Blåhaj, acting as a realtor.

As part of the campaign, Tokyo residents are invited to rent an apartment with a total area of ​​10 square meters, fully furnished furniture and stuffed with IKEA accessories. At the same time, videos began to appear on the official channel of the Japanese IKEA on YouTube, in which the Blohei shark talks about the advantages of living in a micro-housing.

A super-cheap rented apartment is two-story – the bedroom is equipped on the second level. The rented premises have a work desk, a sofa bed, a washing machine. Applications from potential tenants are accepted until December 3, 2021, the agency specifies.

In September 2021, IKEA announced the possible termination of sales of the Blohei toy, which has become a hit in Russia and the world. Shark production was supposed to end in April 2022.