Gordon accused Zelensky of dishonesty

Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon accused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of dishonesty. He stated this on the air of the program “Freedom of Speech by Savik Shuster” on the TV channel “Ukraine 24”.

Gordon called the press marathon, timed to coincide with the “equator” of Zelensky's presidential term, a theater of one actor. He noted that he was no longer interested in the Ukrainian leader. “Today there was a very mediocre actor on the stage who lied, constantly lied, and this was visible with the naked eye, who was aggressive, who entered into a skirmish with journalists, which simply belittled himself. Several times he repeated“ I am the president ”,“ I am the president ” … It seems to me that he himself still does not believe in this, he wants to convince himself of this, “Gordon emphasized.

According to the journalist, Zelensky promised to leave the presidency after the first term. “But decent people keep their promises. What talks can there be today about the second term of Vladimir Zelensky, if he promised, he goes for one term ?! ” – he said.

Gordon added that he regards the press marathon as a deep personal tragedy. “He [Zelensky] was the darling of the whole country. Today negative energy comes from him. This position has disintegrated him, “he said.

Earlier, Gordon said that the current president of Ukraine, after all the lies and unfulfilled promises,” died for him. ” According to him, in two years in power, Zelensky did not fulfill a single campaign promise, especially in the fight against corruption. Also, the Ukrainian leader encroached on freedom of speech, which is contrary to the spirit of an independent Ukraine, Gordon added. As for Zelensky's war with the oligarchs, he said, here we are talking about the fight against the influential media, which are owned by the richest people in the country.