French fishermen have promised to block ports in the English Channel

French fishermen have promised to block three cargo ports for British ships to access for access by British vessels due to the fact that the UK has not yet issued licenses to them to fish in its territorial waters. This is reported by CNN.

The French National Committee for Marine Fisheries said that the protest action will take place in the port cities of Saint-Malo, Calais and Ouistreame. In addition to ports, fishermen will temporarily block passage through the Channel Tunnel. “We don’t need handouts, we just want our licenses back,” said National Committee President Gerard Romiti.

On October 27, the French government threatened UK sanctions if London continued to obstruct English fishing after completion Brexit. French fishermen have received half the permits to fish near Jersey than they were guaranteed. The French government is going to force London to abide by the agreement.

In May, London has already denied French fishermen's trawlers access to the waters of Jersey. Its waters are historically considered to be French fishing grounds. Then it almost led to an open conflict and an electrical blockade of the island.