Dzhigurda compared the fights against Milonov and the famous TV presenter

Actor Nikita Dzhigurda spoke about the ultimatum of the deputy Vitaly Milonov before the fight promotion “Our Business”. His words are quoted by “Sport-Express”.

“The main difference from the fight with Milonov was that Vitaly before the fight, despite the signed contract, delivered an ultimatum: not to hit on the head,” said Dzhigurda. He considered that Kushanashvili showed himself like a man, as he walked forward and got up after two knockdowns.

The fight between Dzhigurda and Kushanashvili took place according to the rules of boxing with gloves for mixed martial arts (MMA). The 60-year-old actor defeated his 51-year-old rival in the first round by knockout. After the fight, the presenter said that he fought for the money.

Prior to that, Dzhigurda defeated State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov on October 5. The fight was held according to the rules of boxing without blows to the head.