Doctor Komarovsky dispelled the myth about the treatment of angina

Doctor Yevgeny Komarovsky said that angina cannot be cured by rinsing the throat , or sore throats. The doctor's comment was aired on the “Ask Komarovsky” heading on the “Ukraine” channel.

The TV doctor dispelled the popular myth that acute tonsillitis can be cured by gargling. “Angina is an acute bacterial infection caused by a microbe called streptococcus. Angina cannot be cured by any rinsing. Moreover, rinsing sore throats is a direct path to disability, “he said.

According to Komarovsky, sore throats are treated only with antibiotics, which are taken orally.

The specialist specified that rinsing are needed if mucus has dried on the tonsils, which makes a person uncomfortable. “If we rinse this mucus, then it will come off, as it were, peel off from the surface of the tonsils, and the person will feel better,” explained Komarovsky.

As the doctor emphasized, in order not to bring the disease to such a state, with symptoms of acute respiratory viral infections it is necessary to rinse the nose, use vasoconstrictor drops, having previously coordinated them with a specialist, regularly moisturize and ventilate the room, and also drink plenty of fluids.

Earlier, Komarovsky listed cases in which a child with ear pain must be urgently shown to a doctor. In particular, the specialist noted that concerns in adults should be caused by a situation where moderate pain in a child lasts more than three hours.



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