Disclosed the size of discounts in Moscow new buildings

“NDV-Real Estate”: discounts on the primary real estate market in Moscow do not exceed 10 percent

buyers of apartments do not exceed 10 percent, according to data disclosed by the agency “NDV-Supermarket Real Estate” (available at the disposal of “Lenta.ru”). Developers who cannot give buyers such a discount try to attract their attention through other special offers.

As realtors note, in some areas of the city, where many new buildings are being built, buyers are guided not so much by prices as for loyalty programs from developers. “People are ready to buy real estate, but on the most attractive terms,” experts explain. – This is not only about discounts – more and more such offers will appear closer to the New Year. This can be, for example, subsidized rates on a mortgage from a developer, the ability to get a loan with a minimum down payment, a car purchase to pay part of the cost of an apartment or a down payment. ”

indicate in “NDV”. Experts also state that banks are also meeting developers halfway, being more loyal to potential new settlers. If earlier consumers sometimes struggled to obtain a mortgage loan, now in some banks it is possible to arrange an installment plan for the acquisition of real estate upon presentation of only one document – a passport.

Earlier it was reported that Russians who bought housing under construction in 2020 Moscow for investment purposes, they began to resell it without waiting for commissioning. In January-September 2021, the number of transactions on the assignment of rights in new buildings increased by 38 percent compared to the same period last year.