Detained Russian who cut out the eyeballs of the pensioner he killed

A man was arrested in the Krasnodar Territory who cut out the eyes of a pensioner he killed This was reported on Friday, November 26, by the regional department of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR).

According to the investigation, on November 24, a man stopped his car near the victim's house in the village of Petrovskaya and entered her house. There he attacked a 72-year-old Russian woman with a knife and struck several blows to the head with the edge. The sadist then cut out his victim's eyeballs. Having left the woman to die, he tried to hide, but was noticed by the son of the deceased returning from work. Seeing the victim in the house, he called the police.

The TFR opened a criminal case under article 105 (“Murder with extreme cruelty”) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The suspect was soon arrested. During the interrogation, he could not explain his act.

According to REN TV, 57-year-old Yuri Avdeev, a native of Bashkiria, was detained. A psychological and psychiatric examination will be carried out in relation to him.