Depreciation of Russian mines was estimated at 70 percent

Badalov, who studied the Listvyazhnaya accident in 2004, said that the mines of the Russian Federation were worn out by 70%

70 percent. This assessment in a conversation with “” was given by the first deputy chairman of Rosugleprof Ruben Badalov, who was investigating the disaster at the Listvyazhnaya mine in 2004.

According to Badalov, advanced equipment and new technologies are used at the production level as they are more efficient. However, less money is invested in lifting machines and ventilation, because they do not directly affect coal mining.

I always say to employers in negotiations: “You are at Zaporozhets; put the engine at 400 horsepower and drive. Where are the airbags? ” – “Oh, pillows? Well, on. ” And give a feather pillow. This is exaggerated, of course. But the meaning is accurately conveyed.

Ruben BadalovFirst Deputy Chairman of Rosugleprof

Earlier Badalov said that after the death of 51 people at Listvyazhnaya, instead of looking for the real causes of the tragedy, they would most likely confine themselves to eliminating the consequences and looking for an extreme one.

An explosion and fire at the Listvyazhnaya mine occurred on the morning of November 25. In the evening of the same day, it was reported that 52 people were killed – 46 miners and 6 mine rescuers, but on November 26 it became known that one of the rescuers was alive.

According to the version announced by the Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Dmitry Demeshin, the cause of the accident was an explosion methane due to a spark that has arisen. The director of the mine, his first deputy and the head of the section were detained. Criminal cases were initiated on violation of industrial safety requirements of hazardous production facilities and on negligence.



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