Authorities Reveal Listvyazhnaya Rescue Plan

Governor Tsivilev: rescue work at the Listvyazhnaya mine will resume in three days mine “Listvyazhnaya”. This is reported by TASS.

According to him, three branches of the paramilitary mine rescue unit arrived at the scene of the emergency. Now they are preparing to go into the mine to insulate the mine workings. After that, the mine will begin to fill up with methane, and after about three days its level will cease to be explosive (about 20 percent). Only then will a further decision be made on the further work of the rescuers.

The commander of the Kemerovo Militarized Mine Rescue Detachment Yuri She, in turn, added that in parallel with the isolation work in the mine workings, rescuers will extinguish possible fires. He clarified that in the late afternoon they would drill a well to the alleged epicenter of the explosion and pump in an inert foam there, which, in addition to liquidating the fire, would cool the mine workings.

There was no chance

She said that there are no chances to find 52 miners and rescuers alive. there are no missing in Listvyazhnaya.

In the gaseous atmosphere that has now formed at the emergency site, it is not possible to say that someone survived

Commander of the Kemerovo Militarized Mine Rescue Detachment Yuri She

He explained that people died due to lack of oxygen and poisoning with carbon monoxide in a high .

It also became known that the number of victims of the incident at the mine increased to 57. Later, Tsivilev clarified that 49 people were hospitalized, including 11 mine rescuers, one with a craniocerebral injury, 10 people with poisoning. Now their lives are not in danger.

What happened

She said that experts have established the alleged cause of the incident in the mine, having studied, among other things, the nature of the injuries sustained by the injured miners. It turned out that most of the injuries were sustained by miners as a result of a dynamic phenomenon – an explosion.

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Earlier, Denis Timokhin, a former miner of the fourth grade working face, told that the fire at the Listvyazhnaya mine may be related to the demands of the coal mining authorities. “The boss cursed: you are lagging behind, we need to increase the pace! And on the 25th the guys lagged behind, and the boss, you see, ordered more to go. They drove off and now – did not reach … “, – he said, explaining that earlier the management demanded that they put jumpers and start the combines automatically stopped due to the high concentration of explosive gases.

The investigation will sort it out

Soon after the emergency there were the 47-year-old director of the mine, his 59-year-old first deputy and the 36-year-old section manager were detained. They are suspected of acts stipulated by the article of the Criminal Code “Violation of industrial safety requirements of hazardous production facilities, resulting in the death of two or more persons by negligence.”

According to information from open sources, Sergey Makhrakov. Izvestia found out that the names of the other detainees were Andrei Molostov and Sergei Gerasimenok.

It is noteworthy that in August 2021 Makhrakov won the regional competition of the coal mining industry “Kuzbass – the coal” heart “of Russia. He was named the winner in the category “Director of the Mine-2021”.



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