Astronauts first move to a new module on the ISS

Roskosmos: cosmonauts Shkaplerov and Dubrov for the first time switched to the new module “Prichal” on the ISS into the new Russian module “Prichal” on the International Space Station (ISS). This was reported on the page of the state corporation “Roskosmos” on Twitter.

“The hatches from the side of the module” Science “and from the side of the” Prichal “were opened at 22.39 Moscow time,” – said in the message of “Roskosmos”.

Earlier it was reported that Progress M-UM with the Prichal nodal module docked to the ISS. Docking of the last Russian module with the ISS took place on November 26 at 18:26 Moscow time. The separation of the instrument-and-assembly compartment from the “Prichal” is scheduled for December 22 at 01:20.