Apple started informing iPhone users about the jailbreak

Apple has sent messages to some activists that their iPhone may have been jailbroken on their iPhones could have been compromised. This is reported by Reuters.

According to journalists, at least six activists who criticized the Thai government received warning messages about the hacking. Two political activists from Ghana, an opposition politician from Uganda and about a dozen journalists from the Salvadoran media also said that they received similar notifications.

In particular, Thai activist Inchip Atchanont received messages from Apple by mail. (Yingcheep Atchanont) of iLaw Legal Monitoring Team. The authors noted that Atchanont and other human rights defenders and journalists have repeatedly criticized government agencies.

The report said that government-sponsored attackers could access and monitor their data. Reuters experts linked the fact of sending notifications to Apple's statement that it is suing the developers of Pegasus spyware and will notify the likely victims of this program.

Earlier, Apple said that it is suing the Israeli company NSO Group , which is the developer of the Pegasus iPhone jailbreak software. The company said in a statement that the software was created for a government order and specifically collected information about the actions of the victims.



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