Analysts have estimated the possible amount of money stolen during the days of sales

Zecurion analysts: the volume of thefts on sale days can reach 300 million rubles sales. It can reach 300 million rubles, the newspaper Izvestia reports.

The corresponding forecast was made on the basis of sales statistics during periods of similar promotions in previous years, experts explained. In addition, they took into account retail expectations from Black Friday and empirical estimates of fraudulent transactions based on the current level of Internet threats, awareness and alertness of users.

According to the head of Zecurion, Vladimir Ulyanov, 64% plan to participate in the campaigns Russians, which makes it possible to disguise the fraudulent offer as the real one. He noted that users often become inattentive in pursuit of a bargain price.

Earlier, researchers at Check Point Research (CPR) warned Russians about the activation of online scams during the days of sales and gave advice on how to protect against cybercriminals. To avoid becoming a victim of cybercriminals, you must first of all beware of sponsored links.



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