Akhmetov responded to Zelensky on accusations of preparing a coup in Ukraine

Businessman Akhmetov denied the words of Zelensky about his involvement in the preparation of the coup the coup in the country are an absolute lie. Akhmetov himself made such a statement in response to the Ukrainian leader, his words were quoted on the website of the SCM holding company.

The shareholder stressed that he had always strived to work for the good of an independent, democratic and whole Ukraine with Crimea and Donbass in its composition. “I am outraged by the spread of this lie, regardless of what motives the president is guided by,” Akhmetov said. He added that in the future he also plans to protect freedom of speech, economy and democracy in the republic and fight authoritarianism and censorship.

Earlier, Zelensky said that he had received information about the planned coup d'etat in Ukraine on December 1. According to the head of state, he was informed that Akhmetov was involved in the upcoming coup and billions of dollars were allocated for this.

After that, political scientist and editor-in-chief of Capital.ua publication Vyacheslav Chechilo said of the coup on December 1, Zelensky is defending himself against the negativity that has fallen on him recently, and is trying to show the “uncompromising struggle with the oligarchs” from the presidential office.



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