A new parachute will be tested in Russia

TASS: state tests of the Kadet-100 parachute will begin before the end of the year 100″. The parachute is designed for the Airborne Forces units. This is reported by TASS with reference to the press service of the Tekhnodinamika holding of the Rostec state corporation.

The holding noted that the flight design tests of the new product have been completed. By the end of 2021, prototypes of the Kadet-2021 parachute system will undergo state tests.

The Kadet-100 is intended for training jumps and combat airborne troops of the Airborne Forces. The new parachute allows a soldier to jump in full gear from aircraft at speeds from 140 to 350 kilometers per hour.

The parachute system makes it possible to make a full turn in any direction in less than 12 seconds, and the maximum flight weight is 160 kilograms. “Cadet-100” can be used at an altitude of 150 meters.

Earlier, the Tekhnodinamika holding announced the supply of parachutes to the troops for the landing of dog handlers with service dogs. The Russian Armed Forces will receive a new parachute in 2022.

In October, Russia passed factory tests of a smart transport parachute system. The new development allows you to drop loads at specified coordinates. The system can also follow the parachutist as a follower.