A bear tore a young man to pieces on a tea plantation and was killed by an angry mob

Villagers beat to death a Himalayan bear that killed a boy summer youth. This is reported by Dynamite News.

An employee of the forest guard of the Jalpaiguri district told the media that a young man named Dinesh Khalho came to his home village of Meteli from the city of Nagrakata to visit his sick father.

After meeting with relatives, he went for a walk to tea plantations popular with tourists near the village, where his disfigured body was discovered by local residents after a while. They called police and forestry officers, but soon spotted a large Himalayan bear wandering around. The villagers pounced on the predator and beat him to death. The police and foresters who arrived at the scene were unable to stop the massacre of the animal.

A representative of the state forestry department said that attacks by leopards and wild elephants on people occur in the region, but attacks by bears have not been previously recorded. He suggested that the predator descended on the plantation from the nearby hills.

“In addition to leopards and elephants, now bears have begun to wander into settlements. This is due to the massive deforestation in North Bengal, ”a local biologist commented on the situation.

Himalayan bears live in Eurasia from the southern coast of the Caspian Sea to the Japanese islands. Males of this species reach 170 centimeters in length and can weigh up to 140 kilograms.

Earlier it was reported that in Canada, a black bear baribal tore to pieces an employee of a helicopter company. The colleagues of the deceased managed to quickly drive the animal away, but doctors could not save the woman.