100-year-old former fashion boutique owner reveals the secret of her longevity

A 100-year-old woman from Barbados named giving up alcohol the main secret of longevity revealed the secret of longevity. This is reported by Barbados Today.

Leone Catherine Querino celebrated the momentous date surrounded by children and grandchildren who came from abroad to her hometown, Hastings, to congratulate her. Despite her advanced age, a woman lives alone, takes care of herself, regularly visits a hairdresser and refuses offers of relatives to hire a nurse for her.

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The main secrets of her longevity Querino called: faith, proper nutrition and refusal from alcohol. Over the past 25 years, the pensioner has not drunk a single gram of alcohol, preferring herbal tea. In addition, the woman believes that it is important to be conscious about life.

“You are your own manager. No one can manage your life for you, you either do it wisely or not, “Querino said in an interview with Barbados Today.

For most of her life, the woman has worked as the owner and manager of a fashion boutique and has traveled to France and the UK to choose the best clothes for their clients.

Earlier, a 100-year-old US resident revealed the secret of her longevity. Martabell Eisel of California believes she has lived so long thanks to good alcohol, good friends, and a good sense of humor.



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