Zelensky spoke about the “powerful step” of Ukraine

President of Ukraine Zelensky announced the creation of a national air carrier

A national air carrier will appear in Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky said. The speech of the head of state at the forum on aviation and tourism was broadcast on Facebook.

“We are making a powerful step, which we talked about. Aside from promises, we move on to practical implementation. This is our national carrier. Its creation, which will begin, one might say, officially today, “- said the President of Ukraine.

According to him, the working name of the company is Ukrainian national airlines,” Ukrainian national airlines “. The economic feasibility of the project was confirmed by French consultants, the President of the country said. Zelensky also said that the creation of such an enterprise is “a matter of status, image, prestige” of Ukraine, and said that today the country is investing “billions of hryvnias” in the modernization of regional airports.

That he dreams of creating of a modern airline in Ukraine “at the level of Turkish Airlines,” Zelensky said back in 2020, stating that the state should allocate money for such a step.