Valley spoke about the feast with Putin

Singer Dolina said that Russian President Putin sang to the accordion and fell in love with jazz to her like a man. She shared her memories of her meetings with the head of state in an interview with Yekaterina Gordeeva.

According to Dolina, Putin often invited her and saxophonist Igor Butman to listen to jazz. When Gordeeva asked whether the president loved this music, Dolina noted that the head of state wanted to love her. “And with our help, not that I got addicted to this music, but I fell in love with it,” she shared.

The artist also said that one day after a concert they had a small feast where they sang songs. “He [Putin] sang to the accordion, we had an accordion player. Vladimir Vladimirovich sang very beautifully “The City over the Free Neva”, “Dolina said and added that the president is an intelligent person, and it is interesting to talk to him on any topic. “I like him and have always liked him,” she concluded.

In 2011, during a meeting with the participants of the women's forum, Putin said that his family listened to Russian music. “I am Russian and I love Russian music,” he said and noted that he also listens to light popular classics and jazz.



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