Ukrainian security officials have learned how to catch illegal immigrants on the border with Belarus

The National Police of Ukraine conducted an exercise on the capture of migrants in the Zhytomyr region Belarus. This was reported by the press service of the National Police of Ukraine.

According to the department, policemen, border guards, national guardsmen, rescuers, employees of the migration service and other units were involved in the maneuvers. During the events, three strangers with a characteristic appearance without knowledge of the Ukrainian language alerted local residents, and they informed the police about this as part of the “Stranger in the Village” warning system. The law enforcement officers who arrived at the scene found out that the foreigners had allegedly crossed the state border illegally. In addition, they added to the National Police, several hundred more of their compatriots are allegedly in the buffer zone planning illegal penetration into Ukraine.

After that, additional forces of the National Guard and border guards arrived at the scene, but some migrants managed to hide in the forest. To cover up their departure, the offenders set fire to the edge, subsequently they were caught, as well as the arrest of accomplices who helped them penetrate the country. At the end of the exercise, the refugees were escorted by police to the temporary places of stay of foreigners.

Earlier, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine announced the start of a special operation “Polesie” on the border with Belarus in order to prevent the aggravation of the situation with illegal migrants. To this end, the department increased the number of border guards in the field, and attracted unmanned aerial vehicles and aviation to patrol the area.