Tymoshenko spoke about Ukraine standing on its knees in front of Russia and Belarus

Former Prime Minister Tymoshenko: Ukraine is dependent on electricity supplies from Russia and Belarus Yulia Tymoshenko told on the air of the NASH TV channel that Ukraine was brought to its knees, since the country is now more dependent than ever on electricity supplies from Russia and Belarus.

‚ÄúThere will be real salvation if Belarus and Russia do not turn off switches for electricity flows, that is, for the supply of electricity to Ukraine. Because we have not pumped gas, coal has not been supplied, everything that is needed for the heating season has not been provided, and this means that we have practically been brought to our knees, “the former prime minister said.

According to her, if you disconnect Ukraine from supplies from neighboring states, then the country would not have enough electricity. In addition, she noted that the government itself speaks of emergency flows in the country, and this, in turn, speaks of a state of emergency.

Earlier, Tymoshenko named those responsible for the energy crisis in the country. According to her, the real crisis was artificially created by officials. Tymoshenko noted that she would like to know the names of everyone who received the command to put the country in such a position.