Travelers will be forced to vaccinate more often to enter the EU

Bloomberg: EU will recommend limiting the validity of COVID certificates to 9 months forcing travelers to get vaccinated more often. Bloomberg writes about this with reference to sources.

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The European Commission (EC) will announce this later today, 25 November. It is assumed that the EC will also advocate that from January 10, 2022, the member countries of the association open up to travelers who are vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the World Health Organization.

Although COVID certificates are also issued for those who have had pneumonia The EC plans to insist on another change in the entry rules: they want to give priority to vaccinated travelers. In order to enter the EU, they will need to revaccinate every 9 months.

Thus, the association reduces the validity of vaccine certificates. First introduced on July 1, 2021, they were valid until June 31, 2022. Such documents are accepted not only by the EU countries, but also by a number of others: for example, Israel, Turkey, Great Britain, New Zealand, Georgia, Ukraine and so on.



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