Therapist named ways to avoid unnecessary purchases on Black Friday

Psychotherapist Nurdaev: to avoid unnecessary purchases on Black Friday, you need to take a break

Nurdaev named ways to avoid unnecessary purchases on Black Friday. According to him, a pause or physical activity taken for analysis can save from impulsive acquisitions, RIA Novosti reports.

The specialist noted that the biggest sale of the year can be serious stress for people with increased levels of anxiety. He added that marketing campaigns affect everyone in one way or another.

‚ÄúLimited shopping time, enticing price tags, artificial scarcity of goods and intrusive advertising reduce concentration, increase anxiety and thus can contribute to making impulsive decisions “, – said Nurdaev.

He advised to remain attentive to yourself and your condition. The expert called the constant checking of goods and prices an alarming factor, the possible savings are not worth such worries.

The psychotherapist added that unnecessary purchases may hide attempts to relieve stress and get a positive charge, or a desire to feel your importance in making a decision. To deal with this, you can switch to something else, such as cleaning or physical activity. In addition, it is important to think about more constructive ways for a good mood, for example, walking with friends, cooking delicious food or something useful for yourself.

Earlier, Kirill Podgorny, ESET Marketing Director in Russia and the CIS, told that the share of phishing emails during the Black Friday sales period grows sharply from an average 3-5 percent to 20-30 percent.

The specialist advised Russian users to check the router settings before making online purchases, download the latest updates for the browser, Android Pay and Apple Pay payment instruments and set a limit on spending on a bank card.