The TV presenter called an easy way to make mashed potatoes without peeling potatoes

The journalist shared an unobvious way to make mashed potatoes from unpeeled potatoes

American journalist and TV presenter Laura McLaughlin Peterson called a simple and unobvious way to make mashed potatoes without peeling root vegetables. She shared her method on TikTok.

Related materials0: 01 – April 24 Worth its weight in gold supermarkets in Russia, Europe and the rest of the world? Research08: 03 – September 13, 2019 Rublevskie beds you need to wash it, and then put it in a peel in a saucepan and cook. After cooking, each potato should be cut in half, then put the halves on a rack to cool the baking and squeeze out the pulp.

The TV presenter explained that the peel remains on the wire rack, and the mashed potatoes go into the dishes under the wire rack. After this procedure, mashed potatoes can be seasoned to taste and eat.

Users thanked Peterson for the easy and convenient way of cooking in the comments. “Wow! Thank you for sharing! ”,“ Oh my God, how glad I am that I found this video, ”they wrote.

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