The timing of immunity to coronavirus in adolescents after the Sputnik M vaccine was estimated

The duration of immunity to COVID-19 in adolescents after vaccination with “Sputnik M” is unknown M “showed the formation of cellular and humoral immunity, but the duration of protection is unknown. So the duration of immunity to coronavirus is assessed in the instructions of the drug, reports TASS.

It is clarified that the immunological properties of the vaccine for adolescents were studied in a clinical study in volunteers from 12 to 17 years old.

Earlier it was reported that after vaccination with Sputnik M, 93.2 percent of adolescents developed cellular immunity to COVID-19.

The vaccine is contraindicated in severe allergic reactions, infectious and non-infectious diseases. Sputnik M should be used with caution in chronic diseases of the liver, kidneys and endocrine system. Side effects of vaccination for adolescents can develop on the first or second day after the introduction of the vaccine – they disappear within three days.