The State Duma told about anti-axers who specifically infect themselves

Deputy Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party Nilov spoke about those who want to get infected with COVID-19 and not be vaccinated

politics and veterans affairs Yaroslav Nilov told that there are people in Russia who want to get sick with COVID-19 on their own instead of being vaccinated.

Earlier, RT, citing Spanish TVE, reported that opponents of vaccination in Europe specifically infect themselves with COVID-19 in order to obtain a covid passport, they buy self-infection kits on the Internet and visit sick friends.

“And there is such a thing in Russia, I heard the statements of people who say : “Let us get infected”, they almost come to the red zone on purpose or contact the infected, we also have such, it is just that we do not have a massive character, it is not accompanied by publications. If a person wants to develop immunity in this way, this is his position, another thing is how their illness ends, how they will endure, ”said the parliamentarian. He also noted that this issue was not discussed in the State Duma.

Earlier, the State Duma deputies from the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia prepared amendments according to which QR codes are also proposed to be issued to citizens vaccinated with foreign vaccines and “unofficially” who have had COVID-19. < br />



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