The State Duma named the main allies of Russia “mother oil” and “father gas”

The State Duma announced the replacement of the army and navy in the list of Russia's main allies for oil and gas Chernyshov declared the need to make more active use of the oil and gas sector in pursuing Russia's geopolitical interests. The video with his speech was published by the Telegram channel

According to the deputy, if earlier the main allies of Russia were the army and the navy (the phrase of Emperor Alexander III – approx. “” ), now it is “mother oil” and “gas father”. He announced that one should not be afraid, but should promptly respond to challenges in foreign policy with the help of geostrategic weapons.

As an example, Chernyshov recalled the words of the head of the Ukrainian Batkivshchyna party, Yulia Tymoshenko, who stated that Ukraine stands on my knees in front of Russia. “They will bow their heads one way or another,” the deputy stressed.