The Russians were reminded of the importance of “keeping an eye on the shoals” when buying vouchers

The travel agent reminded the Russians of the obligations when concluding an agreement with the travel agency

The travel agent listed the Russians the main obligations that must be observed when buying travel tickets abroad. She shared her recommendations on her personal blog on the Yandex.Zen platform.

So, the woman drew attention to the fact that when concluding an agreement with a travel agency, the document always prescribes not only the rights, but also the obligations of the traveler. First of all, the author recalled the importance of “keeping an eye on the shoals,” because of which they may not be allowed to go abroad. We are talking about non-payment of debts, work in law enforcement agencies, incidents of deportation or violation of the laws of the country.

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For example, the expert said that one of her clients had problems crossing the UAE border due to a fight during a previous trip.

In addition, she stressed that tourists themselves are responsible for the correctness and the authenticity of their documents. So, before booking, you need to make sure that your passport is still valid.

In conclusion, the woman added that the traveler must independently monitor the change in the exchange rate. “If a tourist doesn't want to overpay because of the course, let him pay 100 percent for the tour,” she added.

Earlier in November, a Russian with 15 years of experience as an individual travel agent revealed a way to save money when booking hotels. So, in order to avoid extra charges from online services, it is worth contacting tour operators. According to the man, they have access to agency rates at cost and B2B booking systems.