The Russians were offered a new version of the renovation

KB Strelka proposed a renovation option taking into account the goals of sustainable development sustainable development (ESG). The project is available on the organization's website.

The company emphasizes that renovation can be carried out without demolishing old buildings and at the same time solving the problem of deterioration of houses and a shortage of housing. According to experts, the current program is harmful to the environment – the demolition of every thousand of existing houses and the construction of new ones instead provokes 3.5 million tons of harmful emissions. Among other shortcomings of the current renovation program, they noted the destruction of social ties between neighbors during the demolition of old buildings and the low involvement of residents in the process of urban development.

The new program does not propose demolition, but the renovation of existing buildings and their further operation. KB Strelka promises that their option will provide citizens with comfortable living conditions: clean air, a large number of green spaces, preservation of social ties and participation in the development of the urban environment.

The company proposes to install solar panels, thanks to which the houses will be supplied with clean energy. Roofs and facades, according to the idea, should become “green” – plantings will maintain a comfortable temperature in the building and absorb carbon dioxide emissions. It is also planned to install a rainwater collection and treatment system, develop infrastructure for bicycles and create public spaces, including fitness zones and libraries.

The consulting bureau offers several solutions for financing its project. So, for example, the renovation of a residential building can be carried out, including through the proceeds from the sale of new living space. The company also proposes to raise funds from owners, banks and authorities and use various financial instruments for each specific region. The approximate costs of the project are not given.

At the beginning of November, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Urban Development Policy and Construction Andrey Bochkarev announced the cost of renovation in the capital under the existing project. According to him, the amount amounted to six trillion rubles – twice as high as the original plans, and in the future it may increase. Bochkarev emphasized that the price includes not only construction, but also infrastructure renovation.