The political scientist called on Russia to respond to the threats of the head of the CIA

Political scientist Ordukhanyan: Russia should reflect America's information attacks to information about the threats of the head of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), William Burns, to Moscow because of the “Havana syndrome” from American diplomats. According to the expert, the Russian Federation should repel other similar attacks from America.

Earlier, the Washington Post (WP) newspaper reported, citing sources, that Burns warned during a visit to Moscow in November that Russia could face the consequences if the American intelligence services held it responsible for the “Havana Syndrome” among American diplomats.

Unsinkable information carriers

“This is unverified information and pure speculation, but even rumors sometimes show the political situation very well. This kind of thing usually happens when the level of relationships falls below the baseboard. To our deep regret, groundless accusations of absolutely everything are already becoming the hallmark of the current American political elite. This also includes statements about our attack on Ukraine and Europe. This is a very dirty and systematic policy on the part of the accusatory West against us, “the political scientist said.

According to Ordukhanyan, Russia does not have sufficient resources to repel America's information attacks, which must be corrected. “Our political leadership, including the president, from my point of view, does not respond to these challenges. And this is very dangerous and fraught, because we must be within the framework of an information war, because it has only one positive quality – it excludes a hot war. We need our English-speaking unsinkable information aircraft carriers, they are a thousand times cheaper than real ones, and most importantly, as practice shows, they are more effective, “he stressed.

In September, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) evacuated a scout from Serbia due to neurological seizures similar to those of the Havana Syndrome. American officials emphasized that because of the “Havana syndrome”, US diplomats and intelligence officers began to refuse to travel to other countries.

Cuba complained of symptoms such as hearing loss, nausea, headaches and balance disorders.