The man bought two pies and left 149 thousand rubles in tips to the bakery employees

The buyer at the bakery made an order for 373 rubles and left a tip of 149 thousand rubles shocked when a visitor made an order for five dollars (373 rubles) and left two thousand dollars as a tip. This was reported by the UPI news agency.

Preston Rath, an employee of The Omaha Bakery, said that a customer named Nicholas bought two filled pies. The invoice for the order was five dollars (373 rubles). The man paid and entered two thousand dollars (149 thousand rubles) in the “tip” field.

“I said:“ This is a mistake, you left too much tip, ”and he replied:“ If you don’t click. ” OK, “I'll go behind the counter and click OK myself,” Rath noted.

Photos of the invoice are posted on the bakery's Facebook page. .

“He knew the times were tough due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He knew that people are having a hard time. He noticed that our employees are working very, very hard,” said Kaiser.

Earlier it was reported that a visitor to a restaurant in the American city of Gainesville, Florida, thanked the restaurant employees for their work and left them ten thousand dollars (745.6 thousand rubles) as a tip.



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