The gastroenterologist listed the first signs of appendicitis

Gastroenterologist Malygina announced the need for urgent hospitalization for appendicitis “SM-Clinic” Marina Malygina, Izvestia writes.

She explained that sometimes the appendix is ​​located in the lower part of the pelvis. In this case, in men, the pain in it will resemble an inflammation of the bladder, and in women – appendages. In some people, the appendix is ​​raised to the right hypochondrium, closer to the liver. The person will feel pain in the area just below the right hypochondrium. If the organ is located behind the cecum, the pain will be felt in the lower back, groin, pelvis and legs.

As the specialist explained, pain with appendicitis comes suddenly and is intense. Further, the syndrome can become unbearable and proceeds like colic. Not worth it, she said. “Appendicitis will not go away. On the contrary, dulling or cessation of pain is the basis for immediate hospitalization for appendicitis, ”the doctor listed the first signs. An urgent need to seek medical attention.

In acute appendicitis, the temperature rises to 37-38 degrees. It is accompanied by weakness, lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and a yellow coating on the tongue is possible. The gastroenterologist advised not to try to touch the diseased organ on your own, there is a danger of breaking the inflamed appendix, after which the person will develop peritonitis. “When the diagnosis is confirmed, the first treatment is surgery,” she added.

Earlier, a clinical study by specialists from the United States showed that antibiotics can be used as an effective first-line therapy in treating appendicitis.



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