The blogger revealed a way to keep a pleasant smell of clothes in the closet for a long time

Chantelle Mila: cotton swabs with oils will help preserve the pleasant smell of clothes in the closet pleased netizens. The corresponding post appeared on her TikTok account.

Blogger Chantel Mila regularly shares posts with subscribers in which she talks about life hacks used when cleaning the house. In one of the latest videos, a woman gave subscribers advice on how to preserve a pleasant scent of clothes while storing in a closet or dressing room.

The woman took several cotton swabs and moistened them with lavender and mint oils. Then she put them in a small muslin bag and hung it on a hanger along with her clothes. This combination of smells gives things a pleasant scent and helps repel insects such as moths, she said. At the same time, the Australian assured that the smell will last for three months.

The video went viral and got 73.9 thousand views and 4.5 thousand likes. Netizens thanked Mila for the life hack in the comments to the publication. “It's very smart,” “Thank you very much! Very useful ”,“ Good idea ”,“ I will definitely try it ”,“ I like your idea, thanks for the video! ” – they wrote.

In October, Chantelle Mila revealed simple ways to save time on cleaning the bedroom. In order to reduce the time for spreading the sheet, you need to pay attention to the location of the label on it. Mila explained that the sheet needs to be laid so that it is in the lower right corner of the bed. According to her, this will speed up the search for the right side of the laundry.



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