Smartphone sales in Russia fell

The Russian smartphone market declined in the third quarter of 2021

Russia has suffered more from a shortage of devices than some other countries. This is stated in the IDC report published on the organization's website.

From the IDC study, it follows that in the third quarter of 2021, the market for smartphones sold in Russia declined. Sales plummeted due to component shortages and supply chain difficulties. According to inside information from the agency, shipments of smartphones in the third quarter were 8.1 million units, worth $ 2.3 billion. During the same period last year, shipments amounted to 9.4 million units.

“Russia has suffered from a shortage of devices more than some other countries,” said agency spokesman Simon Baker. Supply disruptions have been observed across all smartphone manufacturers, including Xiaomi, which has not experienced such problems since the beginning of the year. Against the background of a decrease in smartphone sales, the supply of push-button phones showed a steady growth – 3.3 million gadgets were sold during the specified period.

At the end of the third quarter, Samsung regained leadership in the smartphone market, and Xiaomi took second place. These companies have a share of 34 and 26 percent, respectively. Apple came in third with a 15 percent share.

“Q4 shipments tend to be the strongest for the year. However, the situation with the shortage of components is likely to remain, “summed up the agency's research programs manager Natalya Vinogradova.

Earlier it became known that there was a shortage of a number of popular Apple phone models in Russia. Thus, there is a shortage of devices from the latest iPhone 13 line, as well as previous iPhone 12 series.