Schoolchildren in a European city will receive virtual money for cycling

In the Belgian city of Genk, schoolchildren will be paid virtual money for bike rides

In the Belgian city of Genk, schoolchildren will receive virtual money for to classes on foot or by bike. In this way, the authorities of a European city plan to develop the use of environmentally friendly transport, Europulse reports.

To track movements, students will have to fix sensors on their backpacks – the devices will measure the speed of movement, determining exactly how the student gets to school and what distance overcomes. Students who walk or cycle more distance get more money. Virtual funds can be used to pay for a subscription to the sports section or a fee for registration in the city library.

The city authorities want to motivate residents in this way to abandon non-environmentally friendly transport, including cars, in the future. The measure should also contribute to Europe's goal of achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Previously, the authorities of the Spanish city of Santander came up with an initiative to promote sustainable transport – they decided to give out 350 euros to citizens for the purchase of electric bicycles. In total, the city council will allocate 75 thousand euros for the development of the project.



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