Russians were given advice on how to protect themselves from fraudsters during sales

Check Point Research: 178% more phishing sites on sale days

Check Point Research (CPR) researchers warn Russians about activation online scammers on sale days and gave advice on how to defend against intruders. The relevant information is contained in a press release from the company, which was received by the editorial board of

According to experts, scammers are sending lucrative offers to potential victims by e-mail, offering goods with great discounts. They suggest clicking on a malicious link that leads to phishing resources. It is noted that on the eve of Black Friday, the number of such sites increased by 178 percent compared to the average in 2021.

In order not to become a victim of cybercriminals, you must first of all beware of advertising links. Experts recommended to independently enter the names of stores into the search engine and go to the official pages of brands. Experts also called for rejection of too lucrative offers. They noted that real stores will not sell products with suspiciously large discounts.

Experts also advised to check the addresses of the stores' pages: there should be no typos in the address bar. In addition, when you go to the payment page for goods, you should pay attention to the lock icon in the address bar: it means that the page uses encryption. Experts strongly recommended avoiding online transactions on sites that do not have encryption.

Experts also urged to be careful about emails that contain links to reset your password or to great deals. According to experts, during the period of seasonal discounts, companies more often send newsletters to customers, which scammers can take advantage of.