Russians warned about the risks of buying too cheap housing in Moscow

“Kommersant”: apartments or studios at a price much lower than the market price may turn out to be illegal Russians' interest in suspiciously cheap housing. Experts interviewed by Kommersant warned about the risks when buying apartments at prices much lower than the market ones.

According to the Institute for Urban Economics, an average family of three will need to save 4.5 years to buy an apartment in the capital, much longer than it can be done in other regions of Russia. Meanwhile, only 41.2 percent of Muscovites found affordable housing. Such indicators make budgetary, but often illegal, projects from small developers popular.

We are talking about old business centers, apartments or studios in private houses and on the basement floors of buildings converted into apartments. Developers offer such housing at too attractive a price – several times cheaper than apartments in ordinary new buildings.

A studio with an area of ​​13-18 square meters on the site of the former office will cost 4.5-6 million rubles, while an average of 16.6 million rubles will have to be paid for a similar object in a residential complex. For 60 square meters in a cottage right outside the Moscow Ring Road they are asking for 5.8 million rubles – housing built according to all standards with such an area will cost twice as much, experts say.

CIAN warned that buyers are at high risk when concluding transactions with such real estate. As a rule, developers do not have all the necessary documents – a building permit, the ability to connect to power grids and water supply. In addition, the emergence of illegal apartment buildings in the private sector can overload infrastructure and lead to interruptions in the supply of water and electricity – communications in such areas are often not designed for large numbers of residents.

Among the disadvantages of living in a studio in a cottage, experts also noted the need for additional agreements when registering the right to property, the higher cost of maintaining the house and the lack of the right to overhaul. It will also be difficult to get rid of such housing – first you need to offer an apartment for purchase to other homeowners and only if they refuse to put it on the general market.

The studios in the basement or on the basement of the building found another drawback – this room is considered non-residential, and you cannot register in it. However, just as in the case of a cottage, when selling a living space, you will have to notify the neighbors from above – legally, the owner lives with them in the same apartment with a distribution order for using rooms.

It will be difficult to get rid of such objects or inherit , and to solve the problems with water and electricity, it will be necessary to attract private companies with more expensive tariffs. In addition, after the conclusion of the transaction, the owner will not be able to prosecute the developer if questions arise about the legality of the arrangement of the apartment.

In addition to basements, cottages and office buildings for housing, garages, slipways, storage rooms, attics, attics and Technical buildings. According to experts, the attractive price continues to keep the demand for such illegal objects. However, the low cost will not override the risks that the buyer will incur.

Earlier, Russians were warned of the risk of losing their homes if they lose their passport and documents for the apartment. The owner can protect himself from the theft of real estate if he makes a record in the Unified State Register of Real Estate (USRN) about the impossibility of performing any actions with housing without his personal participation.