Russian tourists explained the rules of entry to the popular resort of the UAE

ATOR: to enter Abu Dhabi, you must pass a PCR test and fill out the ICA UAE Smart application

Experts of the tourism industry reminded domestic travelers rules of entry to the popular UAE resort – Abu Dhabi. This was reported on the website of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR).

“All Russians who want to come to Abu Dhabi (including vaccinated citizens) need to pass a PCR test (no later than 48 hours before departure) and print the received certificate from the portal of public services in English with passport data and live print,” they explained experts and noted that electronic versions of research results and their photocopies are not accepted either at Russian airports or at hotels in the UAE.

In addition, a few days before departure to the resort, it is necessary to enter the data of the foreign passport in the registration form of the ICA UAE Smart application, upload the vaccination certificate in English (if any), your photo and email address. At the same time, it is clarified that you need to fill out the form only on a computer, and not on a smartphone, since the application is not adapted for the mobile version.

Upon arrival in Abu Dhabi, employees of the migration service issue brochures with information about the Al Hosn application to be downloaded to your mobile phone. In addition, at the airport of the resort, you need to undergo a re-examination by the PCR method free of charge. The results are pasted on the passport in the form of a QR code and are automatically uploaded to the Al Hosn app. If the test is negative, then the application gives you a Green Pass. It is needed to visit all the sights of Abu Dhabi and, in some cases, for group transfers.

Earlier in November, the Russians were announced a reduction in prices for vacations in Egypt and the UAE. According to ATOR Vice President Dmitry Gorin, the lifting of restrictions on regular and charter flights to these countries will lead to an increase in the number of flights from Russian cities and a decrease in airfare by 10-20 percent.