Russian submarine was appreciated in the USA

19FortyFive: maintenance of the Dmitry Donskoy cruiser is comparable to the construction of new ships

submarine TK-208 “Dmitry Donskoy”, which remains the largest submarine in the world. The 19FortyFive edition assessed the Russian submarine with a swimming pool and sauna and noted that its service is comparable to the construction of new ships.

The publication noted that the length of the project 941UM boat is 172 meters. The ship with a displacement of 48 thousand tons is almost twice as wide as the American submarines of the Ohio class. The dimensions of the TK-208 made it possible to place a pool and a sauna on board the submarine.

Dmitry Donskoy remains the last Project 941 Akula boat in service. The author of the publication emphasized that three submarines of this type were disposed of with financial support from the United States. The last Akula will be replaced by the Borei-A project 955A submarine.

Due to its size and age, the Dmitry Donskoy is expensive to maintain. The Russians can build new Borei-class submarines at the cost of keeping the Donskoy up and running. It is probably better to use the Donskoy only for testing new missiles, and not for indefinite repairs in order to join the new class of Borey, “19FortyFive sums up.

In March, Popular Mechanics estimated the size of the TK-208 … The publication noted that the boat is 1.5 times longer than a football field and three times wider than the average American home.



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