Rospotrebnadzor commented on the self-destruction of the delta strain

Epidemiologist of Rospotrebnadzor Khafizov: the words about self-destruction of the delta strain sound like a miracle Kamil Khafizov, in an interview with RIA Novosti, commented on the news of the self-destruction of the delta strain.

According to the expert, such words sound like a miracle, but the reality is still completely different. “I'm afraid the reality looks very different. So far, we note that the “delta” line in all countries is constantly mutating and dissociating into daughter sub-lines, ”said the epidemiologist. As an example, he cited the emergence of the subline AY.4.2, which is now detected in the UK in 18 percent of all new infections.

He noted that it is rather difficult to imagine a situation described by Japanese scientists in which the virus mutated in such a way, that he suddenly lost the ability to reproduce, but at the same time he multiplied widely among the population in Japan declined after the delta strain of the virus self-destructed. The scientist suggested that this subspecies disappeared due to constant mutations, which “broke” the delta strain of the coronavirus.