Prosecutor General accused Rashkin of lying

Russian Prosecutor General Krasnov accused Deputy Rashkin of lying in the case of the murder of an elk in a lie in the case of the murder of an elk in the Saratov region. He stated this at a meeting of the lower house of parliament, speaking with a proposal to deprive Rashkin of parliamentary immunity, TASS reports.

“I will not dwell on the circumstances of Rashkin’s detention and his clumsy attempts to mislead law enforcement officers, and not only them, regarding the circumstances of the discovery of the carcass of an animal in the trunk of his car, “said Krasnov, noting that this” shame has become common knowledge “thanks to the media.

The Prosecutor General added that he has an extremely negative attitude to manifestations of insincerity. “Lying from the mouth of an official of this level undermines the authority of the public authorities, and therefore is unacceptable. Let her remain on Valery Fedorovich's conscience, “he concluded.

In October 2021, a police officer and an employee of the hunting management committee stopped the car in which Rashkin was in the Saratov region. They found a dead elk in his trunk. A criminal case was opened against the deputy under the article on illegal hunting in the region. Rashkin confessed to killing the animal. The State Duma Commission on Mandate Issues recommended giving consent to the presentation of the Prosecutor General of Russia on depriving Rashkin of his parliamentary immunity.



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