Peskov explained the confusion over the nasal vaccine tested by Putin

Press secretary Peskov: Putin was injected into the nasopharynx with liquid nasal vaccine against COVID-19

Russian President Vladimir Putin drug for COVID-19, I meant liquid, not powder, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. He is quoted by Gazeta.Ru.

Explaining the confusion with the vaccine, Peskov clarified that the drug had been injected into Putin's nasopharynx. “I repeat once again, it is in the state of a liquid, which is sprayed and inhaled by a person. The liquid was unambiguously meant. He also said that they had sprinkled with a syringe, but you cannot inject the powder with a syringe, “the spokesman said.

On Wednesday, November 24, Putin said that immediately after the second vaccination with Sputnik Light, he tested yourself a nasal vaccine against coronavirus. According to the head of state, doctor Denis Logunov filled a syringe with powder – Putin uttered this very word twice – and injected it into his left and right nostrils.

Later that day, Peskov said that Putin was not injected with a powdery vaccine , and liquid. “The President meant that we are talking about a liquid. This is a nasal vaccine in which he took part in the trials, ”the Kremlin spokesman said.



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